Jay Pendergast - Arizona, USA

Wheatgrass Powder Testimonials Jay Pendergast "My career with wheatgrass involves working with Dr. Ann Wigmore at the Hippocrates Health Institute in 1976. After working for 6 years in the center combining raw food and wheatgrass, we improved the health of 52 patients with different health problems. In February 2008 my wife and I came acress Easy Pha-max wheatgrass products and that's when we made the change. My wife, Ellie Dagon has lost 10lbs., she no longer has migraines and is able to sleep better at night. I have found this wheatgrass to be millions better than any other wheatgrass out there, specially when I found out that Easy Pha-max wheatgrass includes the roots. We are so thankful to Easy Pha-max wheatgrass, our health improved and we are helping others to do the same."

Jay Pendergast

Sue Lewis - California, USA

Wheatgrass Powder Testimonials Sue Lewis "September 2007 was the beginning of my life changing experience with Easy Pha-max wheatgrass products. I had no idea how great the products are. I have lost 40 pounds and still loosing. I feel the weight loss is secondary to how much better I feel. I had pain in my ribs that made it hard for me to play with my 2 young grandchildren. I can now play with and carry them without pain. I also had pain in my feet and could not wear close toe shoes, now I can without pain. I have so much more energy and stamina now that I didn't have before. Last year at this time I was not looking forward to being another year older. Now at age 63, I am anxious to see what my life with wheatgrass has in store for me."

Sue Lewis

Antoinette Klinakis - California, USA

Wheatgrass Powder Testimonials Antoinette Klinakis
"I love this wheatgrass, I love the company! It is my life. I feel fabulous and determined to fight any disease. As one top cancer researcher at City of Hope medical center said to me "good for you, prevention is the answer". It is so rewarding to see how these products change peoples lives, and also introducing it to others watching them grow and develop and experience global activities. In eight months my husband and I have seen China, Malaysia and the Philippines meeting people from around the world learning from top herbalist. I share the products not sell. When you truly love and believe and something we are sharing everyday. Walk it, talk it, believe it and it will happen. Thanks to Easy Pha-Max for giving us the finest bio-technology products the world has to offer. Health is Wealth!"

Antoinette Klinakis

Laffit Pincay - California, USA

Wheatgrass Powder Testimonials Laffit Pincay "Riding atop 1,000-point thoroughbred race horses day after day, and year after year for 40 years requires strength, energy and stamina. Throughout my career I was fortunate to have won the Kentucky Derby, the Belmot Stakes, the Breeders Cup, the Shoemaker as the jockey with the most career wins. My daily use of wheatgrass gave me the energy and strength I needed to successfully compete all the way into my fifties, against people half my age! Having never endorsed any products in my career I ask you now to join me in taking charge of the most important aspect of our lives, your health. With Wheatgrass, help revitalize and transform the level of your physical health, energy and vitality."

Laffit Pincay

Dr. Roger Salindong: Internal Medicine

Wheatgrass Powder Testimonials Dr. Roger Salindong This is what I tell all my patients—our body is naturally able to heal itself. But too much acid in the body disrupts the healing process. In fact, there are a lot of diseases attributed to acidity. And you'll see it in the blood test. When your blood is acidic, the blood cells are all lumped together. They don't move and can't flow, they're not healthy!

Now you can prevent that with alkaline food. And you know what’s highly alkaline among green vegetables? Wheatgrass. Regular intake of it makes a big difference! You will see that healthy blood cells – are not stuck or lumped together, and they move freely.
And what's good about wheatgrass is, it also has very high nutrient contents! Vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids! Plus powerful phytochemicals that help prevent cancer and heart disease. All these nutrients are found in the entire wheatgrass plant – from the leaves to the roots. That’s why I require all my patients to take wheatgrass, and make it a part of their daily diet. For healthy blood…

Dr. Roger Salindong

Dr. Eva Agustin: General Physician

Wheatgrass Powder Testimonials Dr. Eva Agustin What has really made me believe in wheatgrass is the fact that it does wonders to the blood. Most of the time, we tend to neglect the health of our blood, thinking that it is not as important as our organs.

But you know, it is our blood that actually helps keep our organs in good condition. When our blood is healthy, so is the rest of our body. That’s why I take wheatgrass everyday. I feel cleaner inside… lighter and rejuvenated. This is my choice.

Dr. Eva Agustin