Wheatgrass Powder

INS Wheatgrass Powder is your complete food supplement for your general health. It cleanses, alkalizes and nourishes your blood and ultimately your body. INS Wheatgrass Powder is the young wheat plant and has 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 17 amino acids and more than a hundred enzymes. INS Wheatgrass Powder has the highest level of alkaline minerals than any other food. This means that INS Wheatgrass Powder will make your body alkaline. Processed foods, preservatives, pollution, stress and lack of exercise can make your body acidic, causing all sorts of sickness. When your body is alkaline, your body utilizes nutrients better, blood flows smoother and and cancer cells are less likely to form. INS Wheatgrass Powder is also loaded with antioxidants and fiber that cleanse the body. High levels of chlorophyll in INS Wheatgrass Powder help the production of red blood cells, providing fresh young blood in the body.

Key Ingredient: 100% Pure Wheatgrass including Wheatgrass root

Recommended use: Take 3 sachets daily, Empty the content on 1 sachet in 200 ml room temperature water of each serving

The Production of Wheatgrass Powder

The Function of Wheatgrass Powder

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