SKY WHEAT Wheatgrass

Know your blood, get rid from major killer!

In the 21th century of high technology, the need for food is prone towards refined and chemical food. Furthermore with the environmental pollution, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and tobacco use lead to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer and etc are increasing tremendously. From a WHO projected global death for 2005 we found that chronic disease is double the number of infectious disease (including HIV, TB, Malaria), maternal and prenatal condition and nutritional deficiencies combined.

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(Source : Part 1 Preventing Chronic Disease, WHO)

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the highest death factor for global refers to the class of diseases that involve the heart and/or blood vessels (arteries and veins). It also affects the heart and blood. Shown below a number of death globally per year from different types of CVD by age 2002 established by WHO.

SKY WHEAT Wheatgrass The ultimate food for your brain and blood

Skywheat Wheatgrass provides lots of active minerals, vitamins, enxymes, protein and essential emelemtns needed by human body. Other than providing us with the balanced nutrition needed daily, it helps to discharge toxin from blood. As saying “Aging starts from blood vessels, whereas blood vessel ageing starts from blood”, this mean as we could keep the blood clean, the flow of blood vessel would be unblocked.

As a result, our body would not prone to aging and we can prevent ourselves from getting heart attack (coronary heart disease) and stroke that mainly caused by a blockage that prevent blood from flowing to the blood or brain. The most common reason for this is a build up of fatty-deposit in the inner wall of blood vessel. It makes the blood vessel narrower and more likely to get blocked by blood clots. Not to mention, our blood itself getting thicken by the toxin inside our body. The protein provided by Skywheat Wheat grass is often known as “vege-meat”. On the other hand, choline substances are known as “food for brain”.

SKY WHEAT Wheatgrass


Purification & Detoxification: Enhance liver and kidney functions in detoxification, toxins can be discharged from body easily

Prevent & Dissolves thrombus: Contains kinase and can dissolve thrombus within a short period. Provides unsaturated fat and other important vitamins effectively reducing cholesterol in blood to prevent and improve CVD.

Reduces CVD: Lecithin enables the total mixing of blood and cholesterol, prevent the blockage of blood vessel wall and arterioclerosis. It is also help slimming.

Improve brain functions: Choline substances and vitamin B enhance brain functions, prevent deterioration of mental power, improve memory and analysis ability.

High Anti-oxidant: Contains isoflavone and plant active ingredients help to capture free radical, reduce wrinkles, enhance appearance and prevent cancer.

Self-healthcare functions of intestine: Prevent the growth of bad bacteria in intestine, hard stool and un-proper digestion by provides sufficient enzymes and neutralize unnecessary substances.


Skywheat Wheatgrass contains :
1. Whole Wheatgrass – cultivated by using “Indoor Aeroponic Cultivation Method” in a high technology environment without bacterial contamination and chemical fertilizer. Known as “The King of Alkaline Food” and “green blood” because of the chlorophyll structure similar to the hemoglobin of human body. Other than neutralizing the acidic condition, its unique content Abscisic Acid can even help to discharge and cleanse toxin.
2. Sky Wheat powder – is mainly made of 5 legumes & grains
* Barley
* Wheat
* Soybean
* Black Soy Bean
* Natto

It is a natural organic ingredient which is helpful to human body and extracted through high technology fermentation process. During the fermentation process, microorganisms retain most of the original active ingredients in food, such as polysaccharide, food fiber, bioflavonoid and other substances carrying healthcare functions.

Sky Wheat Wheatgrass is rich with :
* Various minerals, vitamins,
* Enzymes
* Amino acid
* Saponin
* Lecithin & Choline : support brain function

The Ultimate Food for Your Brain & Blood (SKY WHEAT) Frequently Ask Question:

1.Who should be more careful when consuming Sky Wheat Wheatgrass?
Skywheat Whatgrass is made of natural organic vegetable, it is neutral in nature thus it is suitable for all. Those people suffering from serious diseases and consuming blood solidification preventive preparations or people who are sensitive towards the ingredients mention above, are advised to consult professional advice.

2.When can children start consuming Skywheat Wheatgrass?
Children at the age of 2 (with biting ability) can start to consume Skywheat Wheatgrass

3.Can we consume Skywheat Wheatgrass after delivery or surgery?
Yes, it can speed up the wound recovery after surgery.

4.Can a pregnant mother or breast-feeding mother consume Skywheat Wheatgrass?
Yes. Its provide rich nutrition to benefit the mother and the child. Furthermore, some pregnant mothers who have hypertension no high cholesterol during pregnancy, Skywheat wheatgrass is the safe way to prevent and reduce the problem.

5.When we are in the course of traditional medicine and western medicine, can we take Skywheat wheatgrass together?
Skywheat Wheatgrass is natural food; it definitely would not conflict with the said medicine. However you should consume it separately with medicine, at least half an hour before or after. This is for the purpose of enchancing the effects of both medicine and Skywheat wheatgrass.

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