Sea Cucumber Jelly

Increases metabolism, cares for the vitality of blood cells and strengthens the joints.

Sea Cucumber Jelly Golden sea Cucumber is extracted from high quality sea cucumber through biotechnology and thus has high contain of 50 kinds constructive nutrient ,include carbohydrate, 18 amino acid, vitamin A,B1,B2,D,E minerals like calcium, vanadium, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, selenium, iodine, phosphorous, DHA and EPA. Moreover, the active ingredient like collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, saponins and mucopolysaccharide further enables Golden Sea Cucumber to improve metabolism, protect cell and joint and enhances the elasticity as well as smoothness of skin.

Sea cucumber Unique Active ingredients:

Collagen: 70% of our skin component is consist of collagen, therefore collagen is important nutrient to maintain its elasticity and smoothness and provide protein for healthy joint. As we are ageing, collagen inside our body will be reducing, skin will be ageing and less elastic, joint movement become difficult. Golden Sea Cucumber contains high collagen, therefore able to maintain skin smoothness and elasticity, slow down ageing process, nurture joint’s health. In addition, collagen manage to unite calcium and bone cells, helps to prevent osteoporosis.
Sea Cucumber Jelly

Chondoitin and glucosamine: As we are ageing, water content inside cartilage will reduce, leads to stiffness, attrition and inflammation of cartilage, even joint swell and pain and incapable. Chondroitin and glucosamine provide nutrient that is essential for healthy joint. Chondroitin with its super stickiness and high water content to supplement and lock joint’s water substance effectively. On the other hand, glucosamine can repair broken cartilage cell and anti-inflammation. Therefore, golden sea cucumber can reduce redness, swell, hotness and pain symptoms of arthritis. Moreover, chondroitin also enhance immunity and human growth.

Saponins: Also knowns as triterpene glycosides, its scientific structure is similar with ginsenosides. Saponins has strong anti-bacterial and anti-oxidation, control the growth of bacterial, cancer cell or tumor. Saponins also improve immunity and reduce fatigue , at the same time stimulate the growth of bone marrow cell, produce blood and prevent anemia.

Mucopolysaccharide: Belongs to amino polysaccharide, it is multi-functional, able to enhance immune system and prevent of cancer. Experiments show that mucopolysaccharide can decrease the content of blood sugar, blood viscocity, cholesterol and triglyceride. Besides that, mucopolysaccharide also reduces symptoms of inflammation and helps in wound recovery, without the side effect of anti inflammation medicine.

Who needs Golden Sea Cucumber?

  1. Those concerning about health
  2. Those weak, especially old folks and children
  3. Those before and after surgery, before and after delivery, just recovered from illness etc.
  4. Those facing skin sensitivity or having skin problems.
  5. Those suffering from chronic diseases such as anemia, constipation, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia, hypertension, hyperlipidemics and heart disease etc.
  6. Those concerning about skin care.

Sea Cucumber Jelly

– Helps to produce blood, anti-inflammation, anti cell-oxidation
– Decreases cholesterol level, thrombosis and diminishes the growth of atherosclerosis
– Aids to improve the regeneration of cells.
– Improves immunity, prevent cancer, delay aging and relieve arthritis.

– High contain of collagen that able to speed up wound recovery, maintain the suppleness and elasticity of skin, promotes healthy joints and prevents osteoporosis.
– Contain DHA that will improve learning ability, memory and prevent dementia

Key Ingredient: 18 kinds of amino acid, EPA, DHA, Mineral, Vitamin, Active Ingredient such as mucopolysaccharide, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Collagen.

Recommended Use: Take one tablespoon orally, twice daily.

Increase Metabolism, Cares For The Vitality of Blood Cells & Strengthens The Joints (Sea Cucumber Jelly) Frequently Ask Question:

1. Who is not suitable to consume Golden Sea Cucumber?
Golden Sea Cucumber is a natural and safety health care product, no side effect , so is consumptive for everyone.

2. I have just gone through a major surgery, can I take Golden Sea Cucumber?
Golden Sea Cucumber is safe to use before or even after surgery, in fact it will speed up wound recovery as it has high content of collagen. Besides that, golden sea cucumber is able to increase immune system to prevent wound infection and reduce pain.

3. Can I apply golden Sea cucumber externally on my wound?
I would advice to take it orally rather than apply it externally on wound as taking golden sea cucumber orally will give much better effect. You can apply wheatgrass powder on wound area after mixing the wheatgrass powder with a bit of water.

4. What is the effect if a person consume golden sea cucumber more than prescribe?
There will be no side effect. It will only cause him/her to be hungry and also urine regularly

5. Can golden sea cucumber helpful in easing the severity of piles?
Yes, because it has strong anti-inflammation effects and stimulates growth of damaged and weak cells which are important properties in treating piles.

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