ITO I-MU Nutrimeal

According to the medical experts, our body needs at least 6 basic substances to maintain normal functions of the human body. Those basic substances include protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. Absence of any these fundamentals substances will cause malnutrition.

Even though there are millions of foods in the world, nonetheless none of them possesses all nutrient needed by human body. However, by using advanced and sophisticated technology, ITO I- Mu Nutrimeal has combined different variety of natural food which possesses different nutrients required by human body. Through a cup of ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal, children can enjoy sufficient nutrient.

Through ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal, parents need not worry about preparing their children a complete breakfast. In just one minute’s time, they have prepared their kids with a nutritious breakfast, a cup of ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal.


ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal goodness towards human health?
(A) provides balanced diet
(B) strengthens immune system
(C) enhances mental ability

(A) Provides balanced nutrition

– enhances growth
– build up tissue organs ( 16 % – 19 % ) internal organs, nerves, blood, skin, muscle etc.
– regulates physiological functions enzymes and hormones maintained the metabolic process and other regulations in the body.
– build up antibody ( immunoglobulin ) to maintain regular functions of the immune system
– delivery agent substances delivered through blood circulation to all parts of the body.
– maintains nervous system half of the brain’s weight is made up of protein which enhanced growth of child mental ability.

(B) Enhances Mental Ability

lecithin (brain food)
– important for brain activities
– accelerate the message sending among the brain cells
– delay brain cells atrophy hence prevent slow-down of brains ability.

vegetables and fruit
– zinc essential to enhance children memory
– alkaline elements for body cells to perform normal activities.

– 30 % – 35 % of brain weigh is occupied with protein.
– Maintaining and controlling brains functions.

minerals ( calcium and iron )
– physiological regulations

  • to control brain nerves system
  • prevent hyperactive
  • ensuring calm and rational thinking
  • enhance decision making
  • overcome exhaustion and weariness


  • made red blood cell
  • responsible for oxygen circulation through all body
– main sources for brain cells
– provides energy for brain activities
– maintain brains activities
– enhance learning ability and so on
even though only 2 % body weight is made up
of glucose, but brains consume of 20%
of the overall energy consumption
vitamin C
– form all kinds of coenzymes
– maintain brains metabolism
– regulates physiological activities
– helps provide energy for cerebrum
vitamin B
– vitamin B1 – regulates activities of brains nervous system.
– vitamin B2 – increase adaptation ability for brain cells, enhance ability of light and colour different
– vitamin B6 – take part in enzyme formation and ability of signal transmission.
– vitamin B12 – helps to protect mental powers, maintain normal metabolism, ensuring long lasting memory
– vitamin E – posses great property of anti – oxidant, prevent excessive oxidize agent in the and recession of overall functions

(C) Enhances mental ability
Lecithin – Enhance brain functions and analytical ability, delay the brain cells atrophy, prevent decline of brain ability / activity and enhance the growth of the brain cells and nerve system.

Vegetables and fruit extracts rich in alkaline elements – Enhance brain development, enhance memory and intelligence, maintain normal brain functions.

Glucose – provide instant energy for brain cells, prevent hypoglycaemia.

Vitamin ( C, B1,B2,B6,B12,E) – Increase brain ability, improve adaptability and defensive ability, protect mentality, prevent decline of brain and body vitality.

(D) Enhances growth
– children has a strong demand for energy and nutrient, need 2 to 3 time greater energy compared to adults. Due to the growth of muscles, brain tissues and other organs, the demand for protein by children in 2 to 3 times greater compared with adults.

– nutrient is the foundation for skeleton and body figure the growth of skeleton will determine the body figure of children.

besides providing essential nutrient for the needs of skeleton growth, ITO can also reduce the possibilities of getting infected with bone diseases caused by malnutrition, such as rickets, osteromalacia and talipes.

Key Ingredient :
Bean Lecithin, Plant Protein, Wheat Plumule, Glucose, Fiber, Colostrums (New Zealand), Oats powder, Honey, Dehydrated Vegetables, Dehydrated Fruits, Bean Extract.

Recommended use :
6 months to 5 years old baby : Every morning 1 table spoon mix with milk.
5 years old and above : Every morning 2-3 tablespoon with warm water.

ProductPrice (USD)
ITO I-MU Nutrimeal
(650 g)

Brain & Intelligent Development for Children (ITO I-MU Nutrimeal) Frequently Ask Question:

1.Who should take ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal?
ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal are highly recommended for:
Baby from 6 month and above – enhances a healthy growth of constitution, mentality and other aspects by providing wholesome nutrients.

Student – enhances mental ability because it rich with Lecithin that enhance brain function and analytical ability, delay the brain cells atrophy and prevent decline of brain cells.

2.Can pregnant women take ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal?
Yes. Pregnant women were high recommended to take ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal.

ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal have a complete balanced diet for pregnant women such as protein to build up organ tissue, build up antibody and transport substances, carbohydrates to provide energy and enhance protein synthesis, Lecithin to protect tissue and organs, form up cells and tissue, Minerals for skeleton building, muscle construction control nerve impulse system metabolism regulation, and vitamin to regulate metabolism.

3.Can I mixed ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal with other drink such as Milo or Milk?
No problems if anyone want to mix up with others drinks.

4.Who cannot take ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal?
ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal were a complete food and everybody can consume.

5.Is it possible to give ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal to elderly with Alzheimer problem and to person with health condition?
Elderly with Alzheimer – high recommended because ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal can support them with Lecithin that can help to enhance brain function, delay the brain cells atrophy and enhance the growth of brain cells and nerve system.

Person with health condition – If they have kidney disease we can provide them with ITO I-Mu Nutrimeal to support their body with nutrient and minerals.

ProductPrice (USD)
ITO I-MU Nutrimeal
(650 g)

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