INS High Calcium Bio Colostrum

Your ideal calcium supplement for your family

INS High Calcium Bio Colostrum Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our bodies and is vitally important for strong bones, teeth, and muscle. Everyone loses some bone with age. Those who consume adequate calcium during adolescence and early adulthood optimize their bone mass and reduce the risk osteoporosis later in life.
However human body can only absorb 20 to 30 percent of mineral calcium intake. This is normally due to the depletion of calcium from our body through urination, feces and sweat. Therefore it is very important to ensure sufficient Calcium in daily diet. Colostrum is a good choice to supplement our daily calcium requirement because colostrum is high in Calcium and Magnesium whereby both mineral share a good bond as a functional group. Both organic calcium and organic magnesium in colostrums enhance the efficiency absorption of other mineral and vitamin elements in our body. Besides that, Colostrum provides high nutrient resources of Vitamin D and Vitamin A which both of this nutrient elements content are triple and 10 times more then normal daily milk respectively. In addition, Vitamin D and Ig D can help our body to absorb sufficient amount of calcium to enhance our body function.
Specially biotechnology formulated INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum is your ideal choice to ensure a stronger bones, teeth, normal nervous system and enhance immune system. This is because INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum’s quality matches the international standard. INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum is also unique where it is made from colostrums that collected within 48 hours after calving and it’s being pledged for it’s richly growth factor and immune factors to enhance the immune system. INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum has a rich content of organic calcium, organic magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, Immune factors which include immunoglobulin G, Immunoglobulin A, Immunoglobulin M, Immunoglobulin D, Immunoglobulin E, growth factors Lactoferrin and Polyproline-Rich Peptides to ensure bone health and normal body function .

Sufficient Amount of Calcium Intake Can Help to Relief Illness:

Age GroupDeficiency of Calcium Level can
Affect Our Health
Illness and Illness Symtopms
ChildrenGetting risk for developing
weakened bones structure
Ricket-bones become soft and
easily deformed, hunch, both legs
bending, growth retarded
AdultBones softeningOsteomalacia-varying degrees of
pain and tenderness in bones,
especially in the hip, backbone
and leg. Bones fractures also
result from minor trauma
Middle aged, elderly people and
postmenopausal women
Bones resorption outspaces bones
Osteoporosis- loss of bony tissue,
resulting in bones that are brittle
and liable to fracture, causes
shrinkage of vertebrae, pain in
the bone
Teenage female and womenIt will suppress the stimulation
and secretion of hormone
Menstrual stress and menstrual
Other age groupThe deficiency of calcium signify
that neuralgia (nerve pain) and
muscle cramp, thus lead to the
abnormally function of our
nervous system.
It can affect the heart function
and also lead to the disorder
function of other organs
If serious, it can cause blood
clotting become slow and even
Neuralgia (neuromuscular pain)
Arthralgia (pain in a joint), muscle
pain (camp), sensitivity of nerve
and muscle
Palpitation and abnormality slow
heart rate
Arthritis, Insomia, toothache,
retarded body development

INS High Calcium Bio Colostrum

– Provides body rich nutrient of organic calcium, organic magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, Immune factors and growth factors.
– Strengthens bone, brain function, muscle growth, prevent disease and improve gastrointestinal system .
– Aids in relief muscle cramp, control heart beat, ease nervous system, prevent osteoporosis and prevent skin disease.
– Provide natural nutrient and contain immune factor, growth factor to strengthen body system

Natural Nutritious Ingredients

Per serving (2 table spoon= 40g)

Organic Calcium

748 mg

Organic Magnesium




High Fiber Fruit Extract


Key Ingredient: Organic Calcium, Organic Magnesium, Colustrom, High Fiber Fruit Extract

Recommended Use: 2 Times per day, put 2 tables spoon full into 200ml warm water.

ProductPrice (USD)
INS High Calcium Bio Colostrum
(450 g)

Calcium Supplement for Your Family (High Calcium Bio Colostrum) Frequently Ask Question:

1)How much INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrumshould I take?
The optimal amount of colostrum will vary from individual to individual and will depend on the reasons for taking it. Factors
to consider are age, weight, and overall health. A general recommendation is to take 2 times daily and 2 table spoon full for each serving . Those who are struggling with a health difficulty may consider larger amounts especially during stress and illness to move through the symptoms quickly.

2) I’m lactose-intolerant, can I still take INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum?
The amount of lactose in a “first milking” colostrum is so small that it can be taken by those who have a lactose intolerance. In many cases, colostrum heals the intestinal wall thereby reducing or eliminating many food allergies – including allergic reactions to dairy products.

3) What is colostrum, and how does it help support my Immune System?
Supplementation with INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum provides additional nutritional support for your immune system to help maintain it at its most efficient levels, and help your body to successfully ‘fight off’ infection and illness. Colostrum is a pre-milk substance produced by all mammals in the first few days after giving birth, and is designed and formulated by nature to give optimal nutritional support to the new born in the first weeks of life, whilst its own immune system develops and matures. The nutritional components of bovine colostrum are largely identical to those produced by humans after giving birth.
The antibodies (immunoglobulins) in colostrum are primarily there to help defend the infant from microbes in the gastrointestinal tract that may be ingested with food, and prevent them from entering the blood stream where they may go on to cause infection.

4) Can I take INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum if im pregnant or lactating?
Yes because INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum is a food In fact it’s helpful to pregnant and lactating women because they have extra calcium need (1200mg) compare to non- pregnant or lactating lady (800mg)

5) Can children take INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum?
Yes children from 2 years old to 12 years old can take INS High-Calcium Bio Colostrum. Children may take 1 table spoon in take morning whether together with milk or alone. The rich content of immune factor in INS High Calcium Bio Colostrum helps children to fight against disease. Growth factors Lactoferrin and Polyproline are helpful to ensure bone health and normal body function.

ProductPrice (USD)
INS High Calcium Bio Colostrum
(450 g)

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