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Bio Arth There are more than 100 types of arthritis and collectively affect nearly 46million adults and 300,000 children in America alone. Arthritis is a threat to the musculoskeletal system and specifically the joints- where two or more bones meet. Arthritis related joints problems include pain, stiffness, inflammation and damage to joint cartilage (the tough, smooth tissue that covers the ends of the bones, enabling them to glide against one another) and surrounding structures. Such damage can leads to joint weakness, instability and visible deformities that can interfere with the most basic tasks such as walking, climbing stairs, using a computer keyboard, cutting your food or brushing your teeth.

Arthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic health problems and the nation’s leading cause of disability. Besides, it is also the second only to heart diseases as a cause of work disability (Arthritis Foundation).

This disease can be due to aging, under nutrition, accumulation of toxin, inheritance, obese, overwork, or over exercise that cause wear and tear of cartilage. Currently, arthritis is incurable, however appropriate supplement will able to keep arthritis in control.

To make prevention of arthritis to be more efficient and to reduce the pain as well as inflammation of arthritis infected joint, EC Pharma Center formulated Bioarth. Through the combination of Bioengineering and Fermentation technique, active ingredients of Bio Arth are able to stimulate body to synthesis glucosamine. And with addition of collagen and other ingredients to promote the healthiness of cartilage tissues, and stimulates the growth of ossein and connective tissues. Numerous types of active ingredients have been extracted from Aloe aborescens, Piper sarmentosum,Auricularia polytricha , Tremella fuciformis.

Bio Arth Aloe aborescens helps to treat arthritis and stimulate body to produce glucosamine. Piper sarmentosum has been known as kadok locally. It is an effective anti-inflammation agent to diminish redness, swollen, hotness, aches at joint. Auricularia polytricha promotes immunity, acts as antioxidant, good source of vitamin B, Calsium, Iron, high content of collagen. Tremella fuciformis is rich in nutrient including protein, fats, numerous amino acid, mineral (Calsium, Phosphorous, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Sulfur etc) and glycogen .

To promote a better absorption for different blood group, different ingredients are added in. Ingredients that have been added for blood group ‘O’ and ‘B’ are enzyme extracted from pineapple and calcium extracted from pearl. Enzyme extracted from bean and calcium extracted from seaweed have been extracted for blood group ‘A’ and ‘AB’. Besides, there is also a Bioarth that specially formulated for vegetarian.

Function of Bioarth

  1. Stimulate body to produce glucosamine – ossein, connective tissues
  2. Promotes the healthiness of cartilage tissues
  3. Stimulates the growth of ossein and connective tissues
  4. Increases agility of joints
  5. Effectively diminishes inflammation

Usage Recommended
1 sachet to be taken in the morning, dissolved in warm water.

Love Your Joint for A Carefree Lifesyle (Bio Arth) Frequently Ask Question:

1. Is bioarth safe to be used by muslim and Hindu?
Yes because the ingredient that used in bioarth doesn’t contain any pork or cow ingredient.

2. What is the role of glucosamine in joints?
Cartilage provides a cushioning effect for our joints, and glucosamine is a key building block of joint cartilage and joint fluid. Glucosamine stimulates the synthesis of proteoglycans, resulting in tissue that holds water to give cartilage thickness and its cushioning effect.

3. Do I need Bioarth?
If you are suffering from degenerative joint disease ((osteo)arthritis) you may benefit from bioarth. This is because Bioarth stimulates our body to produce glucosamine at joints. Bioarth may also offer protection to people who are at risk of developing degenerative joint disease. People who are at higher risk include lady that long hours on wearing high heel, overweight people and athletes.

4. What effects can I expect from taking Bioarth?
Decrease of joint pain.
Improvement of joint function / mobility.
Decrease or cessation of further joint degeneration
Decrease of inflammation intensity.
(note: individual results may vary, therefore results can not be warranted)

5. When can I stop taking Bioarth?
Joint cartilage is continuously broken down and built up. The production of Glucosamine (stimulated by Bioarth) aids the body in keeping these processes in balance by assisting the build-up. Without this support chances are your joint pain will return sooner or later. Therefore it is best to continue the use of Bioarth.

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