Gastrointestinal RevolutionSupreme Probiotic SC + Fermented Soybean
Nurturing Healthy Internal Body Environment,A Key to Maintaining Gastrointestinal Health
An innovative breakthrough of conventional medical science, EZ100 combines natural blend of bioactive enzymes & superb quality glycosylated yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to promote probiotic growth in intestine and thus maintaining a healthy human gut microbial ecosystem. It also aids in digestive function and boosts up stamina level by combining all beneficial nutrients required by our body.

Healthy Internal Body Environment Originates from Intestine
Root cause for chronic diseases – Imbalance of internal body environment
Without a healthy gastrointestinal system, nutrients from ingested food will not be absorbed properly and may accumulate in our body to become toxin. Thus, an absolute healthy gastrointestinal environment is a key step towards body wellness.

Soldier for Body Internal Environment ?Superb Quality Probiotic SC ?

Combining the knowledge of food nutrition & molecular biology together with the concept of strengthening body auto-immune system, the bioactive probiotic in EZ100 – Saccharomyces cerevisiae ?SC?is being processed into active powder form by using low-temperature spray drying techniques. It is also gone through stringent selection techniques; render it to become resistant against high temperature and acidic condition in our body.

Superb Quality Probiotic SC

  • Able to survive in human body
  • Resistant against stomach acid
  • Resistant against human body temperature
  • Powder form
    (Inactive in dry condition, become active after interacting with body fluid)

Health Benefits of EZ100

Maintain a clean gastrointestinal environmentCleanse and remove toxic substances produced from bad gastrointestinal bacteria, prevent re-absorption of toxic substances by body, assist in maintaining digestive function, promote better metabolite excretion from intestine.


Lactic acid and acetic acid produced in intestine creating a mild acid environment ~ pH 5, promoting calcium absorption and forming an excellent internal environment for probiotic growth thus improving intestinal ecosystem and balance the ratio of kind bacteria to bad bacteria in intestine.


Strengthen Immune System

Rich in flavonoid?

    • Protect stomach wall, reduce occurrence of stomach ulcer and inflammation;
    • Increase blood vessel’s permeability, strengthen body defense system;
    • Anti-oxidant, protect skin and membrane by reducing the oxidation of polyunsaturated fats in cell membrane, maintaining proper cell function.

Liver Protection

Formation of Vitamin B complex could produce various essential amino acids thus promoting physiological function, activates liver and blood clotting protein, maintains organized cell arrangement, regulates organ function and promoting body metabolism.

Serving suggestions :
2 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

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