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Men Tends to Neglect Their Health?
Due to life challenges and stressful demands, men find it hard to look after their own health. In fact, it encourages risk-taking behaviors such as smoking, excessive drinking and binge eating. Apart from lifestyle changes, the male hormone testosterone may raise the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) that increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. The facts are, an average man lives a shorter life than the average woman and for fifteen years of that life he can expect to be seriously or chronically ill. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and erectile dysfunction are just a few of medical complications faced by men.

Cardiovascular Disease Is Number One Killer in Men Which Leads to Potential Erectile Dysfunction & Sexual Dissatisfaction
Men have a life expectancy of less than 73 years. Forty one percent of all male deaths under the age of 75 are caused by cardiovascular disease, the largest single cause of death. On top of this, many men are affected by sexual problems. Almost half of men globally in their 50’s experience problems achieving or maintaining sexual satisfaction. Medical complications plus exhausted body and saturated mind often inhibit sexual desire. Chronic effect will cause a decline in biological functionality, facilitates ageing and contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Why Erectile Dysfunction Is A Major Concern?
Erectile dysfunction means inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to engage in intercourse, which is a most common sexual dysfunction disease. Factors which promote functionality decline are:

  1. Ageing. About 72% of men aged 70 years and above present some degree of erectile dysfunction.
  2. Physiological factors & stress
  3. Hormone imbalance
  4. Side effects from medications, such as anti-hypertensive drugs
  5. Smoking & excessive alcohol intake
  6. Unhealthy eating habits
  7. Stamina factor: Problems with respiratory system, anemia, systemic disease (infection or nutrition), metabolism disorder (kidney and liver function)
  8. Injury or operation
  9. Any disorder that causes injury to the nerves or impairs blood flow in sexual organ

Bring Back the Sexual Desire in You with The Right Herbs!
Men should realize that his health and well being are his most valuable possession. Formulation using traditional Chinese herbs has been created to restore vitality and energy to modern men, promoting fertility and sexual satisfaction. Using the most advance biotechnology technique and innovative production, you will be sure to get the most quality and potency from high quality-processed herbs.

A New Innovative, Well-Researched Development Using Nitric Oxide to Combat Erectile Dysfunction
The release of nitric oxide, or N.O., produced within endothelial cells by an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase stimulates the relaxation of smooth muscle cells of the corpus cavernosum. This is a sponge-like tissue that retains blood during erection. N.O. triggers the release of cylic GMP thus enabling relaxation of smooth muscles and blood flow for erection.

An Excellent Herbal Blends for A Maximum Performance!
Stage 1: Protect and Prepare

  1. Increases blood flow to the sexual organ for erection.
  2. Restores low levels of testosterone & balancing men’s hormone.
  3. Promotes focus in mind
  4. Anti ageing and anti stress

Stage 2: Perform

  1. Promotes sexual drive
  2. Increases sperm production, maturity, quality & seminal volume.
  3. Enhance fertility
  4. Increases energy level, stamina and endurance.
  5. Strengthens respiratory power.
  6. Strengthens immune system.

Recommended use:

So Man

* Kindly consult health professional’s advice if you have any of the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Taking caffeinated drinks
  • Taking medications for severe illness (blood thinning, hormonal drugs, stimulants, etc.
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