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The secret to a Happier, Healthier and Beautiful you!

Busy Women Are Seriously Lacking in Nourishment – Due To Poor Blood Circulation
Every woman wants a happier, vibrant and a healthier life to cope with demanding tasks, such as having a busy and successful career, or they may be a stressful mother, busy home maker or even a patient struggling with life challenges. Along with these demands, ageing process takes place at the same time, further depleting their nutrient resources and affecting physiological changes.
Ageing is irreversible but can be slowed with the right protection through supplementation. High demand for our women today robs them of their essential energy from their body, causes poor blood circulation, thus affecting the ‘yin-yang’ equilibrium. Coupled with pollution, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle changes and inadequate nutrient intake, there has been a greater demand for a proper nutritional support to prevent diseases later in life, such as cancers. Life challenges, if not handled properly, will result in serious blood ‘depletion’. Such occurs when there are poor blood and lymph circulation to nourish cells and detoxification of waste materials. As a result, the reservation and nourishment of cells (Yin) cannot reach equilibrium with activation of cells (Yang) for normal function of body system.

The Consequences of a Weak Blood Circulation (Impaired ‘Xing Xue’)
The first visible signs or symptoms of weakening blood in ageing women will be reflected on their skin (wrinkles), feminine organ such as breast (sagging) and hormonal imbalance (menstruation problems). A busy and successful woman needs nutritional support for delaying the onset of ageing signs and symptoms. Therefore, Beautie Woman 1, 2 & 3 are designed to cater to women’s well being by restoring their youthfulness and regulating hormonal balance by promoting the generation of essential energy through better blood circulation and nourishment.

Why Beautie Women?
Beautie woman is designed to restore youthfulness and vibrancy in their lives, the secret to achieve a healthier and happier life. This product promotes a healthy blood circulation and nourishment for a better Energy flow. Beautie Woman consists of BW1 for skin health, BW2 for breast health and BW3 for hormonal balance.

How Does BW1 Works?
Beautie Woman 1 (BW1) is designed for skin health. As you grow older, your skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic. As a result, wrinkles, lines and creases form in your skin. Smoking and extreme dieting can negatively affect how your skin looks. Longer exposure to damaging sun rays together with cancer causing substances from our diet and environment can cause skin cancers (carcinomas). When DNA is damaged in cancers, new cells may begin to grow out of control and can eventually form a mass of cancerous cells.
BW1 is made of Cordyceps sinensis, wheatgrass enzymes and astaxanthin, which possess potent anti free radicals and anti-oxidant agents to fight off skin degeneration. Cordyceps promotes good blood circulation in skin. As a result, skin is revived and renewed! If your skin problems are bothering you, you have an option to help eliminate or at least diminish their appearance. Start our BW1 today!

Immediate Results with BW1!

  • Restore Skin Suppleness
  • Restore Skin Youthfulness
  • Create a better tolerance towards external and internal pollution
  • Promote Skin Regeneration by pushing new generated cells from dermis to the outer layer of skin
  • Prevent & Regulate uneven skin tone
  • Retain & Enhance moisture content in skin
  • Balance healthy lipid secretion from skin

How Does BW2 Works?
Breasts are women’s biggest assets. They reflect the image of happier women. During process of ageing, some of the cells in the breast may grow abnormally. As a result from accumulated toxins and improper drainage from the lymphatic system, the microcirculation of the breasts may be affected. In unfortunate case, these cells may become benign (cancerous) and spread (metastasize) through the breast, to lymph nodes or to other parts of body. Other possible causes of non-cancerous (benign) breast changes include fibrocystic changes, cysts, fibro-adenomas, infection or injury.

A healthy asset is everybody’s dream. And in order to achieve a better, healthier and firmer asset, Easy Pha-Max has created superior-blended ‘Xing Xue’ herbs to improve microcirculation and enhancement of woman’s assets. Blend of Cordyceps with Vaccaria segetalis, Fasciculus vascularis and Pueraria mirifica effectively nourish the Yin and activate the Yang. Try our BW2 for a healthy and confident you!

Immediate Results with BW2!

  • Promote firmer breast
  • Aid in breast enhancement
  • Promote toxin elimination
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Promote lactation after childbirth
  • Potent anti-oxidant and anti-free radical for full protection towards breast diseases.

How Does BW3 Works?
Beautie Woman 3 is designed to maintain a balance of female hormone levels. Menstruation, sexual health and infertility are a major concern in stressful and ageing woman. For example, excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding (hypermenorrhea) occurs in matured women approaching menopause. For those with absence of menstruation (amenorrhea), they might experience symptoms such as headache, vision changes, or fatigue. Sexual mood is greatly affected by stress and hormonal imbalance. Other causes of menstrual abnormalities are improper use of hormone medications, certain drugs, uterine fibroids, uterine polyps, usage of IUD, genetic abnormalities, excessive eating and exercising, low body weight and premature menopause.
Because sexual health is greatly affected by blood nourishment and circulation, BW3 acts to restore blood circulation to the reproductive system in order to revive fatigue cells and to create a better hormone balance.

Immediate Results with BW3!

  • Promote firmer uterus muscle after birth
  • Regulate menstruation cycle
  • Promote healthy sexual function
  • Improve micro-circulation of uterine wall
  • Balance estrogen-progesteron level in women
  • Potent anti-oxidant and anti-free radical for full protection towards uterine-related diseases.

BW1 : Take 3 tablets, on an empty stomach in the morning, with a glass of water. Once a day.
BW2 & BW3 : Take 1 sachet, after a meal, in the evening, with a glass of (200ml) water (temperature below 30C). Once a day.

ProductPrice (USD)
Beautie Women – 10 Days Package$213.20

Delays Aging, Be Confident & Beautiful (Beautie Woman) Frequently Ask Question:

1.What are the functions of the products?
BW1: skin health, BW2: breast health, BW3: female hormonal health
It was developed especially for promoting blood flow, microcirculation, restore & replenish healthy cell and scavenging free radicals for skin, breast and female internal problem.

2.What is the main ingredient of this product?
BW1 is made of Cordyceps sinensis (dong chong xia cao), wheatgrass enzymes and astaxanthin, which possess potent anti free radicals and anti oxidant agents to fight off skin degeneration.
BW2 is blend of Cordyceps with Vaccaria segetalis, Fasciculus vascularis and Pueraria mirifica.
BW3 is made of Cordyceps, Angelica sinensis, Carthamus tinctorius, Rehmania glutinosa, Leonurus htereophyllus.

3.It is safe to consume?
Yes. It is safe to consume even in long term consumption. It is because all the ingredients are natural herbs. These products are designed to cope with modern life which people prefer to natural and safe products. Using high biotechnology cultivation, extraction & processing techniques makes Beautie Woman safe without any unnecessary active compounds, heavy metals or chemicals that may harm the body.

4.What are the forms and packaging for each of the products?
BW1: tablet form, BW2&BW3: sachet form

5.Is there any different of recommended dosage between those who still menstruating and those who had menopause? What is the recommended dosage?
No. The recommended dosage is not age & life-phase dependent. The dosage as follows:
BW1: 3 tablets in the morning before meal/on empty stomach and if necessary, before other supplements, as basic nutrients will always be absorbed first.
BW2&BW3: 1 sachet each after meal, evening to night.

6.Can I use hot water for preparation of BW2 & BW3?
No. As the hot water will kill or inactivate the active compounds and inhibits the activity of nutrients found in Beautie Woman. Suggested water temperature shall below than 30’C.

7.How long will the products take effect?
The effectiveness of Beautie Woman depends on individual health conditions. Generally, the results can be seen within 5-10 days. Better results can be seen if consume the products for one cycle (3 months)/continuously and having proper diet & lifestyle.

8.Since Beautie Woman 1,2&3 cater different problem and posses different function, can I took separately that only suites to my requirement?
Actually, yes you can. For example for man, they only recommended to consume BW1. But for woman, all these 3 are close related. You are advised to take full sets for a better complete result. Bare in mind, you can’t aspect to get a same result, within a same period of time with those who taking full set of Beautie Woman.

9.Are there any precaution?
Yes. Beautie Woman are not recommended for :
Woman under 25 year old
Those with kidney failure
Pregnant. Every expecting mother has the risk of delivering unhealthy babies. In order to avoid unnecessary problems
Breast feeding. Breast feeding mothers need to provide sufficient milk for their babies. Beautie Woman’s consumption may affect the quality of milk and it will caused the mother to heaty. They are advised to start consumption after lactation. Please seek advice from nutritionist for other conditions

10.Does Beautie Woman classify according to blood type?
No. Beautie Woman suites all blood types.

11.Can I consume these products if I am taking medicine?
Yes, you can. But kindly consume these products 2 hours before any medicine. Except for some cases, with strict prescription for clinical medicine. Eg : Glucose control, Anti-blood clotting.

12.Should I continue taking Beautie Woman during my menstruation, Why?
No, you shouldn’t. It is not advisable to consume Beautie Woman during menstruation because it may cause heavy flow and dehydrated body. But you can resume the consumption after your menstruation is clear.

13.If I already menopause should I consume BW3? Since menstruation problem does not bother me?
Yes, in fact you should. Because menopause is phenomenon of shutting down reproductive system, a lot of internal pathway disrupted especially hormone. These may lead to reproductive organ cancer, breast cancer, aging, weight problem, CVD and osteoporosis. Menopause women suppose undergo Hormonal Replacement Therapy which has a side effect. Beautie Woman solved the problem without any side effect. BW3, has phytoestrogen which is natural help to diminish and reduce pre-menopausal or post menopausal health problem.

14.What can I do to get a better result/ to enhance the result?
Practice a healthy-nutritional diet, avoid smoking, healthy life-style, drink a lot of plain water, exercise and try to get enough sleep.

ProductPrice (USD)
Beautie Women – 10 Days Package$213.20

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