The ever-evolving biotechnology industry has invoked a fierce competition in the global market of healthcare industry today. In order to come out as a winner in such intense competition, an impetus to create breakthrough innovation and to fortify global marketing strategy is a must.

In light of these challenges, Easy Pha-max positions itself as the leader in bio-herb and healthcare industry by working hand in hand with renowned brand names of healthcare products and equipment through Strategic Alliance. By forging a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with these renowned brand names of healthcare products and equipment, Easy Pha-max accelerates the growth of global bio-herb industry, instilling great confidence in our business partners, Strategic Alliance partners and consumers.

In this Strategic Alliance, we are joining strength with Hyflux from Singapore, Himalaya from India, Lo Hong Ka from Hong Kong and from Malaysia, there are Infinit, Orang Kampung, Top-Ozone, Bright Way Avenue, Ban Kah Chai, Besfomec and Gintell. Together all 10 healthcare products and equipment brands establish a stronger and formidable alliance in face of this challenging and competitive global marketplace. We firmly believe that with the formation of this forward-thinking partnership, more and more renowned brand names will join force with Easy Pha-max’s Strategic Alliance Programme in the near future.

Easy Pha-Max Conference 2008, with the title ‘Conquering the New Frontier in Bio-Herbs’ will be held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre on 24th May 2008. All 10 Strategic Alliance partners are invited to grace our Agreement Signing Ceremony. We estimate upward of 1000 people will participate in this memorable event.

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