easy pha-max founder message

The Message of Founder (Easy Pha-Max)

Through cutting-edge research and development in biotechnology, Easy Pha-Max is to develop and synergize an excellent team of synergy business partner for the company’s growth, hence becoming an outstanding multinational company.

The team, which consists of members from all corners of the world, although with the differences in background and perception; however are synergized in the arena of biotechnology, together we forge ahead towards a brighter future!

The potential in the development of bio technology brings us all together. We strongly believe that this is a lively industry that will break away from the traditional market, in which bloody competition prevails. Together we are the pioneer in biotech revolutionary trend by creating ‘Blue Oceans’ of uncontested market space ripe for growth, which make the competition irrelevant.

Easy Pha-Max holds firm to the belief of ‘Caring for People, Responsible to Earth’. All the synergy business partners shall pull the weights together, to stay salient and to build the business hand-in-hand. Through creativity and value innovations in bioscience, we advocate healthier life of the community.

Founder & The Outstanding Person of the World Datuk Yeat Sew Chuong.

Company Profile

easy pha-max company profile

Easy Pha-max Marketing Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of INS Bioscience, which is the marketing and distribution arm of Easy Pha-max brand of health supplement in the local and international markets.
Easy Pha-max, among others, is leading in the biotechnology of herbal health supplement. Drawing from the success of its Wheatgrass products, Easy Pha-max has expanded its range of wheatgrass based health supplements to include functional foods, meal replacement drinks for slimming products, trimming products, personal care and skin care products as well as the Bio-Herbs health supplement to meet the accelerating demand for herbal health supplements around the globe.

Easy Pha-max benefits from the operations of its parent company – INS Bio which is listed on the MESDAQ market of Bursa Malaysia. It is principally involved in Biotechnology and Research & Development of herbal remedies as well as the cultivation, processing and manufacturing of herbs.


easy pha-max manufacturing plant

The Origin Foods Sdn Bhd currently undertakes manufacturing operations of the INS Bioscience Group.

The Origin Foods undertakes the task of cultivation, manufacturing and processing of wheatgrass and its related products as well as other health food supplements products.

Products of INS Bioscience are manufactured by The Origin Foods. Its manufacturing process and facility complies with certifications for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), giving it the distinction of being the only company with these certifications under functional food.


easy pha-max R & D Research and Development

easy pha-max R & D Research and Development

INS Bioscience strongly believes that R&D is the key to its success in developing and innovating new, innovative and effective herbal health supplement. INS Bioscience are collaborating with seven (7) universities and research centers located in Malaysia, Japan and China, to conduct research and development as well as the test & trial of new products with the guidance from the International Technical Advisory Board (ITAB). Members of ITAB comprise scientists from universities.

easy pha-max R & D Research and Development
INS Bioscience Group conducts its R&D in Malaysia and China.

Our Collaboration Partners

easy pha-max collaboration Partners

Easy Pha-max has formed several R&D alliances with corporations and R&D institutions in CHINA , namely China Bioway Biotech Group and China Agriculture University .

Current research activities include developing new herbal health food supplements,functional foods, meal replacement drinks for slimming and skin care products. The R&D works involve testing the suitability of raw materials and developing formulations for new products.

Our Philosophy

easy pha-max philosophy

Insight to the future

Having the capacity to discern the essence of things is vital to the prospect of an organization. Being the first to foresee beyond the imaginable and mundane enables Easy Pha-max to grow from strength to strength.
By grasping inward nature of things and providing solutions to feasible problems in an intuitive manner, one shall be saved from fumbling through thorny paths.

Inspire the world

Enlightenment alone is not adequate in making one a forerunner. Not only did discovery of gravity by Isaac Newton answer the way we live on earth, it inspired mankind to set foot beyond the planet.
With this in mind, Easy Pha-max think tank works unceasingly to leverage the performance of biotechnology – striving to turn seeds into shades for human wellbeing.

Instill Wealth Sharing

Being able to generate wealth easily and tremendously determines the success of a business. Nonetheless, the greatness of a business lies in enabling all teammates to reap what have been sown.
In Easy Pha-max, our synergy business partner grows and shares the fruits of success. Through extensive e-store worldwide, Easy Pha-max multiplies your wealth and helps you achieve your dreams

Inspirit the Team

A fluttering eaglet has to be given confidence and encouragement from its parents before it learns to soar. Likewise, every person should be equipped with courage taken from fellow teammates.
In Easy Pha-max, our large pool of talents is the sine qua non of our success. With strong and massive People Alliance Corporation in Malaysia , United States , China , South Africa , Singapore , Thailand , Indonesia and Hong Kong , we drive you to take the lead in the arena.

Easy Pha Max Background